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react recipe app

Application to search for recipes, using the api to obtain the recipe data.

reactedaman API

react gallery app

Photo gallery developed with react on the front-end and firabase on the back-end. You can upload photos and they will be saved in the firebase database. I invite you to try it.


react covid-19 tracker

application that can track the progress of the covid-19 worldwide, you can choose the country where you want and you will get the updated data. the app uses graphics for more detail.

reactchartsjsmathdro API

to-do list (vanilla javascript)

To do list developed with javascript, html and css. use of localstorage to maintain data, use of class and many modern javascript properties.


javascript blacjack game

blackjack card game built with javascript and webpack, use of calses and methods, dynamic creation of html content, handling of the document object model in javascript and much more.


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